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2 June 2016



Belfast, 9th June 2016: 
After launching in London the labels-for-less retailer is bringing #DuvetDining, the one-day dining experience, to Belfast’s Treehouse on Upper Arthur St.

The lucky diners will enjoy a bespoke banquet of ridiculously tasty combinations created exclusively by renowned food guru Gizzi Erskine. Serving up the ridiculous, the #DuvetDining menu is unlike anything Belfast has experienced before. Promising to surprise and tantalize taste-buds with every mouthful the unique seven course feast includes: tomato tea, an edible flower garden and deceptive jellies!

#DuvetDining is guaranteed to delight the palette and the eye, with the unique creations served inside enviable and inviting duvet forts made from TK Maxx’ chicest sheets, lush linens and heavenly eiderdowns complete with glowing lanterns and plush cushions. From the gourmet food to the exquisite d├ęcor, #DuvetDining plays with the notion of normality, causing you to question why you hadn’t done this before.

Following the Belfast event the pop-up will visit Edinburgh to surprise and delight local food and fashion lovers later this month.

Gizzi Erskine commented: “I was thrilled when TK Maxx asked me to bring to life Ridiculous Possibilities. The menu will be unlike anything the nation has seen or eaten before, it has been a joy to create dishes that are not quite what they seem. Food offers endless potential at every meal, much in the same way TK Maxx has endless possibilities every time you step in-store. I hope fans of TK Maxx across the UK suspend belief and taste the ridiculous.”

#DuvetDining celebrates the launch of Ridiculous Possibilities, the new campaign from the labels-for-less retailer, bringing to life the delightfully different yet brilliant opportunities made possible when shopping at TK Maxx.

Commenting on the campaign, Deborah Dolce, Group Brand and Marketing Director, at TK Maxx said: “In a world of shopping predictability, TK Maxx stands for something different: unbounded possibilities. We know that the thrill of the find in our stores and the element of the unexpected is a unique ingredient that draws people back in and this campaign captures that sentiment in the most wonderful and intriguing way.”
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29 May 2016

The American Dream

Bag- Dune
Shoes- Office

Happy Sunday!

Sorry I've been very MIA lately, I've had a busy few weeks,
I finished my first year of uni which felt like it went in the blink of an eye. I've had such an amazing year and met the best girls ever but I can't believe first year is over already.
I also went to Marrakech with my mother for a week which was amazing. We went on a hot air balloon and a camel ride and did fabulous things like that.

I'm afraid this will be one of my last posts for a few months because I'm heading to a camp in Ohio to work with my two best gals Adele and Sophie.
I've no idea what it's going to be like but I've never been to America so I'm really excited.
Hopefully I'll be back before you know it!

Photography as always by the fabulous Katy Hill.


28 April 2016

Dirty Velvet

Buy the Thinking prohibited T Shirt here
Buy the Black Mirror T shirt here

The lovely people over at Dirty Velvet very kindly sent me two of their T shirts for me to review!

Dirty Velvet is a design collective focused on producing high quality clothing with designs that offer a different perspective on the mainstream. Some of their designs are really amazing and thought provoking and they explore/expose politics and society in their designs. The T shirts are also made out of 100% organic cotton so a fab brand all round

"Our aim is to create T-shirts with original graphics, combining strong and thought provoking imagery reflecting our slightly twisted view of humanity, modern life and the universe."

Make sure to check out their instagram and facebook page to keep up with them!


26 April 2016

Gonna wear that dress you like

Dress- American Apparel
Jacket- Missguided
Boots- Ebay

It may look sunny in these shots but it's still absolutely freezing in Belfast, not that i'm surprised.

I'm so glad I've finally got my hands on this American Apparel dress, I've loved it for years and is one of the few things I really love from American Apparel. 

I've been home for nearly two weeks now and it's been so nice to be home for this long. I've to go back on Saturday but It can't come quick enough, I've missed my girls so much. I'm not sure how I'll go all summer without them but I can't wait to move into our new flat in Edinburgh come September. 

As ever, photography by the wonderful Katy Hill.
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22 April 2016

Bella Malone X AM Aesthetics

So, I've had some lip fillers!
I'm lucky enough to have a mutual friend with Alexandra Mills, the owner of AM Aesthetics a private medical clinic located in Belfast.
I was greeted by the frankly gorgeous Alex and was quickly put at ease about the fillers. I've never had them before and I was pretty scared about it if I'm honest.

Alex numbed my lips and left me to relax with some magazines before returning to do the natural lip enhancement procedure. 
Honestly getting my ear pierced hurt more. 
Alex used just under 0.5ml of hyaluronic acid on my top lip and after about ten minutes it was done!
The lip looks super natural and many people didn't notice a thing which was what I was after.
Alex works full time at AM Aesthetics but has also started working in Harley Street and she has also trained other professionals in her fields. I saw all of her qualifications framed in the treatment room and knew I was in good hands.
To have 0.5 ml fillers like me it would cost £100 at AM Aesthetics which I think is great for such a professional experience that meant I wasn't worried about having anything dodgy being put into my body.  

I highly recommend Alex if you are after fillers and you can contact her here

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