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7 January 2018

Back to school

Shoes- ASOS

Just like that Christmas break is over and we're back to uni on Tuesday for our second semester of third year (fear). The years have literally flown by and before we know it we'll be in fourth year and will have to think about leaving Edinburgh and our beautiful flat. Having time off before uni starts has been so nice, I honestly love nothing more than just kicking about our flat doing nothing. 

In 9 days Lew and I will be heading to Gran Canaria for some winter sun cause we can't bear this miserable weather anymore. We booked it on which I highly recommend for broke students like me, you just pay a deposit and then just pay it off bit by bit!

In prep for the holiday I'm back to the hair gods that are Charlie Miller tomorrow to get my roots done so I can be super blonde in the sun, expect and update tomorrow!

21 December 2017

The gift of perfect skin

As you probably know I’m a big fan of Nu Skin and their amazing products and I recently had the opportunity to try out the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa II after already reviewing the Nu Skin Galvanic trio.

The device itself is incredibly easy to use and comes with 4 different heads to use on different conductors to treat the face, scalp or body and they are all used for-Firming the face, correcting fine lines, Shaping the body and stimulating hair growth.
The Galvanic spa ii also comes with gels for the pre treatment and for the treatment itself. During the pre-treat cycle, the device and the pre-treat gel are negatively charged. These negative charges repel each other and the gel binds the impurities in the skin. This will clean the skin from impurities and prepare the skin for the treatment. During the treatment cycle, the device and the treatment gel are positively charged. Hence, the beneficial ingredients can penetrate the skin effectively!

To use the product I started with a clean and dry face, I then applied a pre treatment gel to half of the face (note that the fingers must be wet before holding the device) I then set the device to setting one and followed the motion as described by Nu Skin. After the pre treatment is complete for the whole face I wiped the gel away and began to apply the treatment gel using setting 2, I continued this until the full treatment was complete. 

The Ageloc Gavlanic spa II device gives results like a professional spa facial
The whole treatment was really quick and easy and I’m already seeing the benefits of the product with my skin being firmer and even brighter already.


Tis the season

Jumpsuit- PrettyLittleThing
Top- Topshop
Boots- PrettyLittlething
Bag- Primark

I've been wearing this jumpsuit to death since I got it two weeks ago, it looks amazing with nothing underneath if I were going out but obv I haven't been because I'm 22 and old now so I've just been layering things under it so it's perfect for daytime wear. I write this just before I leave for my second last shift before going back to the Emerald Isle which I am very much looking forward to even though I'll miss the girls and Lewis dreadfully, even if I'm only going for a week.

I've also been wearing this amazing lilac fur coat non stop, for work, for drinks, for travelling I haven't taken it off. It makes me look like a huge parma violet I'm told, and I'm okay with that I love a parma violet. 

Images by Adele Russell

20 December 2017

Round up

Casa billz fashion week party- it was I C O N I C

Turning the ripe old age of 22 with bae

After a black taxi tour around Belfast 

Shooting Christmas content with the PLT team

One of my "Four ways to wear" looks for PLT 


London calling

Uni finally O V E R !!!
Well for Christmas anyway, so we have a month of freedom before it all starts again. This pictures are a good 2 months old at this point but I totally forgot to post them. Lou and I were in London for the Nu Skin event and this was probably the last time I was able to wear anything as summery as this before the freezing weather kicked in and since then I've been wearing massive fur coats and scarves.

It's so nice to finally have some time to chill and not wake up thinking of uni work and for uni work to then stay on your mind all day. Lewis got me a graphics track pad for my birthday so I'll be spending Christmas playing about on that, drinking gin and watching Christmas movies with my good mother.

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