19 December 2011

JC lita dupes review

I dont know why im calling this a review. I cant review shoes i got a few hours ago but from what i know so far this are fairly comfortable but that doesnt matter because they are beautiful. I found a discount code online and got them for £35 on these also come in dark red,glitter,and patent. I got the tan as it would go with everything,though when i get paid i do plan on buying every colour. I had a really crap day at work,i was late and got told off by three people. I was shopping,isnt shopping more important than being ten minutes late? And then they closed the till before i could buy my shoes,which means i have to go get them tomorrow on my day off before somebody sells them. I work in a shoe shop. ANYWAY. theres my shoes. they are beautiful and im glad i own them.

Byebye x

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  1. they are gorgoeus :) i have the j.c black litas and these look great too :) i want them xxx cute post xx


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