27 October 2017

Charlie Miller hairdressing

My travels are well and truly over for a while. After a mad week of going to Amsterdam and London I'm back in Edinburgh and straight back to reality. Luckily for me I didn't even have time to get holiday blues because I was straight back into the hot seat with Charlie Miller Hairdressing. If you missed my original post about CM you can check it out here and read about how I was transformed into a (healthy) blonde a few months back.

I went back to the South St Andrews street salon today to chat to my personal stylist Hayley about what we should do next with my locks. Hayley has looked after me since my first visit to Charlie Miller and I trust her completely with my hair. I spoke to Hayley about how much I was loving being blonde but also about how much I enjoyed having some of my natural roots coming through. So we decided to pull my roots down so they were gradual and less stark and Hayley also put a slightly ashier tone through my hair which is perfect for Autumn. I was given the Smartbond treatment again as well as the Kerastase Fusio-Dose homelab which is a at home hair care system that the salon will match to your exact hair needs, mine being moisture and strengthening. These kits are available from all five Charlie Miller salons and retail at £44.
I have the genuine FEAR sharing this before and after picture but it has to be done to show how much of an amazing job Hayley did, she's a hair wizard.
You can book an appointment with Charlie Miller via the website, over the phone or pop into one of their 5 salons across Edinburgh. Students can get 30% off all cut and colour appointments Monday-Thursday!


26 October 2017

Nu colour blogger event

I’m just home from London, after two days in the big city with Lewis. We were lucky enough to be invited to the Nu Skin “Nu colour” event which was a showcase of all of Nu Skins new makeup products. In particular the event was for the lip plumping balm which is a really exciting new product for Nu Skin. 

The event was in the gorgeous Bulgari hotel in Knightsbridge and we were treated to make up demonstrations and a free bar, which Lewis and I took full advantage of. Attendees treated to a makeup demo by Shreya who is one of Nu Colours professional makeup artists, Shreya transformed my brows in a matter of seconds and gave me some fab tips on how to be use the new Nu Colour range.

 I got a fab goody bag to take home which included some of new collection products including their eyebrow kit, a set of makeup brushes, an eyelash treatment and of course, the lip plumping balm.  The lip plumping balm is something that the team are really excited about and I can confirm that it 100% works. Once I applied it I felt the tell tale tingle of a lip plumping balm and I'm excited to use it over the next few weeks, with the makeup artist recommending I apply it before bed to wake up with a fuller pout. 

I've been using the products everyday since the event and can honestly say I'm hooked, especially on the eyebrow kit and the invisible matte finishing powder. You can check out the whole range of Nu Colour cosmetics here.


11 October 2017



Happy Happy Wednesday,

I've spent my Wednesday hiding from the Edinburgh rain while shooting these images with Lewis and tidying my room (long overdue). 
However I have had some exciting news recently, I've been asked to be part of the PLTsorority crew which means I'll be getting loads of goodies, event invites and a cheeky discount code for anyone that wants it! I'm over the moon to be working with Prettylittlething and I'm so excited for what this year has to bring. 
After growing up being obsessed with 80's american coming of age movies I'm fulfilling my dream of being a sorority gal. 

I'm head to toe Prettylittlething (obvs) and I'm suddenly obsessed with wearing red, I never thought it suited me before but something about going blonde has changed my mind. These jeans are quickly becoming one of my fave pairs and they fit like a glove. 

Off to go do the uni work I've been putting off due to binge watching Game of Thrones, till next time. 


6 October 2017

I'm still addicted to buying jackets

Top- Missguided
Trousers- Depop Hannahwah
Jacket- Prettylittlething
Shoes- Superga

My favourite thing to buy is and always has been, a good jacket. My wardrobe is full to the brim of jackets, some really random ones and most massively too big for me but I wear them all the same. 
I couldn't resist this absolute killer jacket from Prettylittlething even though I'm as broke as ever. It'll look fab in Amsterdam over the super extra outfits that I'm planning.

I was at the at the noisy girls club event recently which was so much fun, it was in Edinburgh and it was basically an event for creatives to network. There were talks, workshops and stalls and I picked up these trousers from Hannahwahs stall. They fit like a glove and I'm a bit obsessed with them at the minute. Check out her depop she has some class pieces!  

At least shooting these images made me feel better about not doing any uni work the past few days. Really need to keep on top of it but the girls and I went out last night so we'll be recovering for a week due to our old age. We've turned into OAPs going to bed at 10 and rarely going out now that we're in third year.


5 October 2017

Autumn Sun

Crop jumper-PrettyLittleThing

Happy Thursday!

This week has flown by, just as every week seems to be these days. In preparation for Autumn I've started dressing for the colder weather, and Edinburgh is already freezing. You'd think I'd have grown out of wearing crop tops, but nope. If I buy a normal length top you'll find me either cutting it in half or knotting it. Hilariously enough I've still managed to find a crop top that is still suitable for Autumn. I'm obsessed with this shaggy crop jumper from Prettylittlething almost as much as my yellow shag cardigan, also from PLT.

These jeans are also from PLT and surprisingly enough they fit me like a glove and will be perfect for my trips to London and Amsterdam that I have coming up, the ring detail is beauts mc goots.
You can shop knitwear here


2 October 2017

First time for everything

In my 21 years of living, the past maybe 6 or 7 I've spent wearing makeup. You'd think that over the years I would have a decent skin care regime going on.  Until Nu Skin came into my life I literally used cheap makeup wipes and micellar water the odd time, and I mean the odd time. The thought of taking my make up off fills me with dread most of the time, however I always do take it off because falling asleep with it on is the actual FEAR.

Anyway, Nu Skin. Nu Skin have saved my skin. I've been using the ageLOC transformation kit which includes a cleanse and toner, future serum, radiant day and transforming night. This box of heaven has everything I could need to kick my skincare regime into gear. I have normal to dry skin and after using the future serum I can't believe I ever lived without it, I normally put it on before my makeup after I've cleansed and it's a great base/primer for my foundation.
At lost village festival I was dishing out these goodies every morning to my friends to help our skin recover from the night before (the cleanser also helped with the excessive amount of glitter).

I've also been using the agelOC Tru Face Essence  duet and I can't even explain how amazing it is. When i first tried it I ran into my flatmates room to make her put it on.  It's for the neck and d├ęcolletage so I was already sold because I read years ago that your neck shows your age because people often forget to moisturise. Anyway, it combines two formulas to limit the loss of elasticity to promote contouring and visibly lift and soften the skin. it  I can only describe it as a gel like serum that is what I imagine collagen to feel like, its amazing. 

I'm now 100% converted to looking after my skin, long may it last.


29 September 2017

Brixton Village

I’ve made no secret of my dislike for London in the past but my opinion has changed ever so slightly. The only times I've gone to London I went alone for events, got incredibly lost and felt very overwhelmed which is something I don’t often feel. Due to these experiences London has left a bad taste in my mouth. However, I was recently in London with the girls to do research for uni while fashion week was on. We only stayed for one night and amongst all the street style, exhibition visits and accidentally attending a Simone Rocha event we managed some down time too. Adele and I stayed with a friend of mine who lives in Brixton. While we were walking from Chris’ flat to the station we stumbled upon Brixton village which was absolutely gorgeous and super indie. We went for breakfast at ….. Adele had pancakes, said they were the best she's ever had and she's eaten a lot of pancakes and i had a full english which was 100% the fanciest full english I've ever had. 

We had a wander around the independent stores that we open before we sadly had to leave and continue on with exhibition visits for uni. I’ll be heading back to London at the end of October with Lewis for a Nu Skin event which I’m really excited about and I’m also, for once, excited to visit London again.

The images above show exactly what we've been doing for the last week, painting each others faces, again for uni. We have to do 6 makeup looks each and have been running about the flat like mad women organising and shooting the images. you haven't lived until you’re peeling leotard print duct tape off your body in the shower at 1am or scraping lip gloss out of your brows. Third year is definitely upon us but we’re helping each other out through the breakdowns as always. We’ve realised that this time next year we’ll be in our final year and will only have one left year in our beautiful flat. This fills me with sadness so we’re making the most of it while we have it before we have to do grown up things like pay council tax and sort out lives out. 

17 September 2017

In Review: Electric Fields 17

Top- Boohoo
Shoes- Office

Would you believe I had never been to a festival before and then I went to two in the space of a week. A few days after Lost Village festival, (whilst still not fully recovered) Lewis and I headed off to Electric Fields festival. Only a 60 minute drive south of Glasgow / Edinburgh and set in the beautiful grounds of Drumlanrig Castle in Dumfries, Electric Fields is one of Scotlands biggest growing festivals. 

Thousands of happy Scots flocked to Dumfries for the two day festival and the craic didn’t seem to wilt all weekend. The festival started on the Friday but unfortunately we couldn’t make the first day so Lewis and I arrived on the Saturday at around 1pm. We set up camp, cracked open some dark fruits and people watched some very happy Scottish festival goers that were enjoying the (for once) great weather. Around 10 cans later we headed into the festival (a 1 minute walk from the campsite). Basked in glorious Scottish sunshine was a vintage clothes stalls, fun fair rides, food vans and plenty of stages with music to please everyone. It was so nice to see such a variety of age ranges at EF. Every age seemed to be there and everyone seemed to be absolutely loving life.  

The line up was jam packed with amazing artists, some home grown Scottish and some from further afield but absolutely every taste in music is covered here.  From Frightened rabbit, to Jackmaster, to Fatherson, the options were endless. The one act we had to see was Glass Animals, Lewis has been a long term fan but I barely knew their music at all. We got right to the front of the main stage for Glass Animals and they gave the most amazing performance with front man Dave Bayley jumping down to perform in the middle of the crowd. Which made even me fan girl despite not knowing of the bands existence for very long.

After watching Glass Animals and still on a high, Lewis and I spent the rest of the day going from stage to stage and taking style spotter images of the most fashionable attendees. We finished off our day like we do most days, by eating pizza and passing out after watching Dizzee Rascal bring the festival to an amazing close. All in all I’m absolutely delighted to have had the chance to attend Electric Fields, it’s only getting bigger and bigger and it’s fan base seems to be growing even more loyal. Till next year! If you were style spotted you can find you images on my facebook page here-

13 September 2017

Student loan shoppin'

Top- Topshop
Trousers- Topshop
Jacket- Zara
Shoes- Office 

I'm back at uni and officially a third year student, which to be honest is a terrifying thought. The workload has more than doubled but no doubt me and my girls will get through it all somehow. I went to Glasgow today with Lewis, which was surprisingly only my third time there. The shopping in Glasgow is so much better than Edinburgh and I could've spent so much money. Last year I spent so all of my student loan in such a short period of time that I couldn't afford my rent. Trying to be mature this year to avoid that from happening again!

I picked up this jacket from Zara for only £29.99 and these trousers from Topshop for £39.99.



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