4 August 2017

Travel: Marbella

Marbella, a beautiful and well-known city in the south of Spain, is host to a whole array of relaxing, exciting and unforgettable experiences. A holiday here will only turn into repeat holidays, and then extended visits when you realize the wealth and breadth of what is on offer. Before you go, it’s wise to see what activities are available for you and your family. This article will give you but a taste of what you can expect and point you in the right (stylish) direction, but as with anywhere worth visiting, the adventure is yours to craft.
Luxury Yachts

The only way to fully experience the beauty of a location like this is to do it in style. Many people will spend a holiday on the beach viewing the ocean, and while that’s amazing when you’re in it, surely you’d like to explore the coast of Marbella with class? Luckily, the concierge staff at My Guide Marbella have on offer a thorough and reasonably priced luxury yacht experience.

 You’re able to take these yachts out anywhere from 4 to 8 hours (or longer,) offering boats sized 12 feet up to a massive 102ft. This final measurement allows you to take hundreds of people onto the boat with you, perfect if you’re planning a large family affair or celebration with your friends. You will be given an experienced captain who can help you navigate the luxury liner, and this takes the caring responsibility off your shoulders because operating the craft is in the hands of a professional. All you have to worry about it enjoying yourself.
Luxury Accommodation
Your accommodation matters. It gives you the anchor to your whole holiday, and if you’re unhappy with it, it cheapens the whole trip. A luxury apartment in Marbella is the natural remedy to this, and more. Not only do these beautiful apartment complex’s have tight security, but they offer all the mod cons (and more) of a top spec home. Why does taking a holiday mean you have to reduce your living standard? Surely it should be the opposite. These luxury apartments will provide you with the perfect zone to hang out in relax in a beautiful, clean, gorgeous location. Perfect to relax with your friends after a long day on the beach!

Benalmadena Marina Prison Island
Some people think that gorgeous Spanish cities are only good for great food and stunning beaches. That’s not true. If you’re feeling more adventurous, then take a trip to Prison Island, around thirty minutes from Marbella. You might have heard of the ‘escape room’ venue, which is growing in popularity thanks to the hilarious and enjoyable escapades you can get into. Prison Island is likened to the ultimate escape room, and it’s suitable for the whole family! Moving from cell to cell, your group will traverse the halls, solving puzzles to overcome the great Prison Island challenges. There are surprises in store, but in an effort to give you the full experience, we will let you find those yourself.
These tips will provide you with plenty of activities on top of your beach grazing, and should serve to help you find that beautiful accommodation you’ve dreamed of. Have a wonderful getaway!


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