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22 May 2018

Match point

Jacket- Missy Empire
Trousers-Missy Empire

I've never ever been one to obsess over dreams or to even really believe that dreams mean anything but over the past few weeks I've been having a re occurring dream that I'm finding it really hard to walk, as if I'm pushing my way through thick mud or as if I'm carrying a huge weight. I woke up last night genuinely exhausted and then I realised I was dreaming after some googling a realised that it's probably down to all the change that's happening in my life right now. I'm moving flat next month, we're not going far but the emotional attachment to the flat we're currently in is huge. I also just got a new job and I'm nervous about starting in a new place with new people as stupid as that sounds as I type it.

Lewis is still in California and although I've honestly had the best time seeing my friends loads and getting home to see my mum and to witness my gorgeous friend Rebecca Bryson getting married I have missed him. I've realised how much I depend on him to reassure me and encourage me so I'll be glad to have him back in a few days time.

This post was way deeper than I anticipated so onto this gorgeous co ord from Missy Empire, I wore it to the airport to get home for Rebeccas wedding and I'm not gonna like I felt cute AF in it. Mustard is one of my favourite colours to wear and a co ord just makes anyone look pulled together even if they don't feel it!

Till next time :)

20 May 2018

White out // Monki

Shirt- ASOS
Blazer- ASOS
Trousers- ASOS
Shoes- Topshop

Happy Thursday all! I've just gotten back from a quick trip back to Belfast to see a good friend of mine get married (congrats Rebecca!!). My mama was my date and we had a wonderful day enjoying all the gorgeous outfits, food and bevs and of course the actual wedding which had me in tears on numerous occasions which is quite unusual for me. I just stayed for one night and I'm back in Edinburgh now to go to Fly open air festival tomorrow with the girls which should be fab especially because the weather is set to look favourably upon us.

I'm loving this white monki suit it's so effortless yet makes you look super put together. The top images were taken by my wonderful mother and the bottom ones by my childhood best friend Katy.


18 May 2018

Bronze Age

Dress- Topshop
Boots- Dr Martens
Sunglasses- Missguided

I genuinely can't remember the last time I wore a dress like this, which is funny because there was a time when this is the only kind of dress I'd ever wear. I thought the days of bodycon skirts and dresses had passed me by until I spotted this beauty of a dress. The bronze colour and embellishment make it look 10X more expensive than it is (£29) which I think is super reasonable for a dress like this which won't ever go out of style.

I've paired it with my flatmate Chloes boots (wish they were mine) and would be perfect with an oversized denim jacket over the top for drinks at a beer garden. Just typing that made me really want to be in a beer garden, the sun has been amazing for the last few days so I'm praying it stays with us and we can continue to wear cute summery outfits for the next few weeks, touch wood!

Photography by my wonderful flatmate Chloe, check out her blog here


11 May 2018

Transitional style with Boohoo

Dress- Boohoo
Shoes- Topshop

Boohoo Kindly contacted me to ask me to be part of their transitional style campaign! I choose this gorgeous Bardot dress in the perfect clueless check and paired it with my favourite NFL jacket and cute white trainers. The weather here is so hit and miss so it's hard to work out what to wear with the weather constantly changing. I'm so glad it's legs out weather but a jacket is still very much needed in  bonny Scotland at the moment!

Check out all of the gorgeous dresses that Boohoo have to offer here



How gorgeous is this bodysuit? It's from the brand hunkemoller and I'm wearing the Yolanda body which you can find here it's a gorgeous lingerie piece that you can change from underwear to outerwear and looks so cute with some mom jeans.

Hunkemoller is your one stop shop for lingerie, nightwear, swimwear, hosiery and accessories. You can check our their full range here.


9 May 2018

Take me to Rio

Dress- Caris Closet
Heels - PrettyLittleThing

How divine is this dress?! It's from Caris Closet, the one stop shop for occasion wear and in particular gorgeous dresses. Caris Closet is an Irish brand that started witha love of fashion and it offers red carpet and occasion wear looks without the enormous price tag.
Since it’s opening five years ago, Cari’s Closet has consistently expanded its range to keep up with consumer demands and is Ireland’s go-to boutique for many, including a list of celebrities. It has grown from a small evening wear boutique to a one-stop shop for all occasions; be it a designer piece or your perfect weekend outfit.

I'm wearing the Rio dress here and it's nothing short of spectacular. The detailing on it is absolutely beautiful and the gold tassel trim and layered design means it's really flattering on!  For a short dress it makes an impact and that makes it perfect for any occasion be it drinks with the girls or a summer wedding!

Check out Caris Closet here


Stripe up your life

How cute is this very festival inspired outfit?! I was kindly sent it by a brand called Femme Luxe Finery and luckily for me I have a lil day festival next week so I think these flares will be making an appearance! They go so well with my trusty old lime shaggy cardigan from PrettyLittleThing, for such an OOTD piece I've worn it loads it's such a wee gem. My lovely boyfriend Lewis just recently left for a 3 week trip to California with his two best friends so I'm getting used to not having him around and staying busy by planning loads of content for Bella Malone!!

These pics were taken by my wonderful flatmate Chloe, you can check out her blog here!


8 May 2018

On the dot


2 May 2018

Third year is over! X Adexe watches

Well third year is officially over and I can't believe how quickly the uni years are going. It's been nearly three years since I moved to Scotland and it was by far the best thing I've ever done, but the closer I get to graduating the closer I get to entering the real world which is scary stuff. The girls and I now have the summer to think about what we want our final fourth year project to be on before graduating this time next year.

 I've always said that I'd wear a kilt to my graduation as an ode to my amazing four years in Scotland and I think this gorgeous Adexe watch would look great with a kilt and it also makes the perfect graduation gift!

Check out Adexe full range of gorgeous watches here
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