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21 December 2018

Escape hunt Edinburgh

I celebrated my 23rd birthday this past weekend and I was lucky enough to be given the chance to head to Escape Hunt in Edinburgh as part of my celebrations. The girls, Lewis, Max and I all formed a team of 6 and we were, of course called Casa Billz. We arrived at Escape Hunt which is tucked away on Castle Street, you'd barely notice it even though it's bang in the city centre (all part of the experience) and made our way into a gorgeous sitting room. 

We sat at a table and took in the gorgeous surroundings while Grace our host talked us through what was about to happen. None of us had ever done an escape room before and we genuinely had no idea what it was or what we were about to do. With the health and safety talk out the way Grace led us up to our room where we put our phones/bags into a locked box outside our escape room. Before we knew it we were in a medieval style room with a dining table, cups, plates, a bookshelf and different ornaments. I'd explain how we worked things out but it went so fast and we were all so frantic that I can barely remember. We pieced together bits of a map and after some hilariously bad ideas we finally worked out what we needed to do. 

I don't want to give too much away and ruin the surprise for those of you who might be going to Escape Hunt soon but I'll just say things move, fall and change. It really was amazing and we had no idea how in depth it would be. After 56 minutes of (literally) running around, screaming and throwing random objects around the room we did it! With four minutes to spare the door of our room unlocked and Grace was there screaming with us all in victory. When we heard over the tannoy that the ice giants were coming we all grabs swords that were in the room because I think for some reason we thought something was actually coming to fight us. That's a sure fire sign of how much you get into it while you're in the room.

Thanks so much to Grace (who was amazing) and Escape Hunt for having us. It was such a good way to spend my birthday and we loved every second.


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