30 July 2019

Head Vs Heart Experience with Tanqueray Gin

 Tanqueray Gin Aoife Malone Latitude
 Tanqueray Gin Aoife Malone Latitude
Tanqueray Gin Head vs Heart Experience at Latitude Festival 

I was so very incredibly lucky to be taken to Latitude festival last weekend with Tanqueray Gin to experience their Head Vs Heart challenge. The House of Tanqueray at No. TEN is a luxurious and contemporary bar that's popping up at some of the most exciting festivals in the UK this summer. 

Adele and I booked in for the challenge with Tanqueray Jack himself and set off on the sensory experience. We were given a band to put around our head which would act as a brain monitor to see what smells our brains reacted to the most - crazy right?

Jack took us through the four flavours while the sensor analysed our brain activity to give us a report on what our personalised cocktail would be. Our results showed that I reacted the most to camomile and Adele Coriander so the barman made me a Chamomile Cobbler & Adele a a Fresh Gimlet and we enjoyed them in the gorgeous Suffolk sunshine. 

A huge thank you for Tanqueray for having us we really did have the best weekend with the best gin out there!


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