16 September 2011

Feel the rain on your skin

Shorts- big bang vinatge belfast

This was taken a while ago in Coleraine,where alot of others coming soon were taken. I really love these shorts but its coming into winter so i dont think i can pull them off as much without turning blue. The top is my boyfriends,he didnt want to let me wear it cause it was dirty but then he did,cause hes nice.

Bugsy x

Dont go,please stay,you are the only thing i need to get by

PLaysuit-urban outfitters ( not even mine! )
Shoes-charity shop

This was what i wore to a photo shoot on Tuesday,Its nicolas,shes nice letting me wear it. it was totally freeeeezing. Eimear came with,that made it a lot lot better. it was fun with her there. Then i met my boyfriends friends and he saved me a slice of pizza. It was lovely.

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