30 November 2011

Favourite pictures from sundays shoot

preppy long stockings fashion,available from their website tres soon

28 November 2011

Becoming obsessed with fake eyelashes...

How amazing is this makeup?! Its by Leah Jordan,what a talented lady

23 November 2011

Holiday reminissinn

I love this dress,i love cutout dresses in general,this was £6 in the newlook sale

This was from river island orginally but i got it at a vinatge fair forrrrr £3? something ridiculously redic like that

state of those nails.
Got those zara things when i was over there
What am i supposed to call them? Trousers? must be trousers
they were ten euro and the top is my friends and its from river island
the tan was from my holiday,but ive lost it now,i miss it

my prize possesion.

This is one of my favorite things
It should have cost me about £45 and i got it for £15 in tkmaxx
amazing right? Ive worn it four times,twice as a princess on Halloween,once to a friends mums fund raiser and once to an anniversary fancy thing
There arent many opportunities to wear this beauty without looking way overdressed
which is a pity,cause its well beaut.

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