20 January 2012

If i wish upon a star?


13 January 2012

ASOS motel jeans


Jeans-motel at ASOS

I really like these. The only colors available were red,teal or dark purple. Im sure you can see which ones i went with. They dont look as nice in the pictures. They are very alike the american apparel disco pant,except for the fact that they were £19 not £90. My leotard is from primark,i think its best to wear neutral colours with these badboys.

I wore illamasqua skin base with a little double wear over it because skin bases coverage is not good. I also wore a brown belt and brown satchel bag. I was going to wear my snood but i forgot it. its sunny yet baltic outside. fab.


12 January 2012

Behind the scenes

Neil kerr photography

newlook dress £7 and Jeffery campell dupes £35

7 January 2012


So,my first order from inlovewithfashion has arrived,and im tres impressed. They did mess up the order at the beginning but fixed it quickly. The best part was the packaging,an inlovewith fashionbag,inside was a parcel wrapped in black tissue paper with a pink ribbon and a pink envelope,with my order details inside. The dress was £22 in the sale,and is very much "my style" It also comes in a champagne colour which is also beautiful. Ive aso recently ordered from ASOS,though im not as impressed. My order didn't arrive so another has to be sent. Its not nice waiting forever for things. I wore it out to dinner tonight with my missguided shoes and a brown belt,which i left in the restrenut cause i had to take it off,due to eating too much. As you do.


4 January 2012

Barry M glitter nail polish review

Finally got the glitter polish. It was buy two get a free gift on barry m proucts so i got an eyeliner,and a red glitter nail polish and got a free limited edition silver polish.
These are great,and last for ages. The advantage of the silver one is that you can put any colour under it to change it to a different colored glitter polish. If that makes sense.
The only disadvantage is getting it off. I highly recommend putting a normal nail polish under one of these. Even just a clear one. It took me about 25 minutes to get the red off,and i worked hard at it,i wasnt just faffin about with the nail polish remover. I feel really christmasy when i wear the red one,but its no longer Christmas so thats not good. Anyway. Its great. Go buy it.


Conflict mania

Some pictures from the shoot on tuesday.
It snowed. It was absolutely Baltic. But it was great,and it was great to meet such lovely and talented people!

"exploring the on-going conflict between the Catholic and Protestant people in Northern Ireland through the use of fashion photography. I'm doing this through various means, for example through the use of colour and the idea of tribalism."
Lisa-Jane Millar-Photography.

Its cold outside

So i thought a long skirt was appropriate,apparently not.
I had lunch with my boyfriends family,it was nice. I ate loads. Anyway.
My skirt is from primark,and as expected the only sizes available were 18's so i bought one anyway,as you do and had it taken in by my personal seamstress. Otherwise known as my gran.
The leotard is from river island but i got it on ebay for cheapy cheap. and the shoes are the shoes i always talk about. I dont know whats going on with my hair but it seems to be getting curlier,which is never good.


2 January 2012

£22 in love with fashion sale. boom boom.

1 January 2012

Thank god i'll be finishing work next week.
these shoes were £15 from NV,i also got cheap cheap dresses from there.
The skirt was a fiver! a fiver from h&m. I spent so much yesterday.
Im tired,i have to get up early tomorrow.

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