25 March 2012

If you wanna come back its alright its alright,if you wanna come back to me

MAKEUPLESS ALERT! Im sure you don't mind.
Today i had a tres eventful day. Helen's bay with Helen and her lovely assistant Paula!
We had time to kill before the sun went down a bit so we took a few pictures for the blog!
Im wearing my own revolutionarylove shorts,red converse and a zara jumper that i got for a £5 in the sale! But i studded the neckline to jazz it up a bit. Oh! and the cute little feather hair clip was 50p in Primark. I do love that little clip. I spent the rest of the day covered in green clay,followed by floating on a mattress in the middle of the sea covered in flowers. As you do.

Byebye! x

24 March 2012

Bad Boy Rock

Heres a little post about what i did. I had a very fun shoot with LJ and the crew! theres a little behind the scenes pic! Then i had lunch with the girlies and i wore this ramones tshirt with black jeans and red converse, ( thanks to uana! ) and now im watching the voice,which is very very good! Hope you all have a good weekend!


18 March 2012

If money were no object. monthly lustings

topshop bag
topshop bag
zara blazer
topshop bralet
american apparel disco pants
topshop mint jeans
blackmilk leotard
topshop bag
h&m pumps

With a grand total of... £357. cheap as chips


12 March 2012

Regrets collect like old friends Here to relive your darkest moments

American flag top-primark mens section

These shorts were made by yours truly,and i like them very much and this top is from the mens section in primark. American flag tops are so expensive most of the time. I got this one for £2 and it looks tres topshop to me! These pictures were taken on Saturday,it was surprisingly warm! I wish it was sunnier though. Someday soon. Maybe.

Till next time,


11 March 2012

Colette mc hugh shoot


Heres a few of my favorite shots from a really great shoot with Colette Mc Hugh,I really love her style of photography. Ive never been in a shoot that used backdrops so i was really excited to see how the pictures would turn out. And they are great! Colettes use of props and co-ordinating the backdrops with the outfits really pulled the images together. The styling was by the fantastic Sinead Coary and the MUA was the wonderful Olivia McLoughlin. The shoot was in the Rusty Zip. So of course,i had a field day. And was given a few lovely treats in return for my contribution to the shoot! With cups of tea,malteasers and the smiths playing in the background its safe to say that this was one of my favorite shoots to date.

Colette mc hugh photography facebook page,like it!

Olivia Mc Loughlin MUA Facebook page,like it also!

Cheerybye for now!

As long as I gaze on Waterloo Sunset, I am in Paradise.

dress- topshop,but bought on ebay for £6!
shoes-Jc lita dupes NV £30

Lets pretend it is now summer. This is a very summery dress. Its a light blue floral cut out number from topshop and i like it very much. But i think i can only wear it in public when it is above 5 degrees. Its so nice. And needs no jewelry. Its oh so pretty.

Photography by Joanne Russel

later chicas

8 March 2012

Whats in my makeup bag?

Makeup bag- Dandy disaster designs
Eyelash curlers-primark
Powder brush-primark
Foundation brush-superdrug
Stiletto mascara-maybelline
Eyebrow kit-Elf
Waterproof mascara-avon
wake me up foundation-Rimmel
Skin base foundation-Illamasqua
Nail polish-Rimmel

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