18 June 2012

Man time!

Meeting fellow FABB blogger Gemma & her  was really lovely!
The models lookin tres dapper

Fashionable man time goers,with my plus ones in the background looking like they are up to no good
The gorgeous people at Fashion Creep!

Lisa & Donna Mc Cabe,both dress is Nor Lisa beautifulness! 

My dress is from h&m,i got it for £7 cause they thought the zip was broken. But they were wrong,MUAHAHAH

Nicola -The Sequin Cinderella,Lisa Mc Cabe and Donna Mc Cabe.

Stephen Potter Photography 

Stephen Potter Photography 

Stephen Potter Photography 
Stephen Potter Photography 

Whooo! Man time has arrived!

Last night the ivory was transformed into Belfast's most fashionable hot spot. Beautiful people drinking cocktails mingled with equally beautiful people also drinking cocktails. As we took our seats the show began,An introduction from the beautiful Louse Vance started the night off. Dressed in VDS "sex" dress she looked unreal. The catwalk soon began,with an impressive array of different styles it was jam packed. The catwalk itself lasted an impressively lengthy time. Huge designers such as Hugo Boss,Ted Baker,Ralph Lauren and Guess were showcased. The beautiful glass neck piece by University of Ulster graduate Michelle definitive had the gasp factor. Everyone seemed to be in awe of how amazing it was.

Amongst my favorite looks were those of the designers Sean at VDS, Lisa Mc cabe at Nor Lisa Fashion and Dave Henderson.  Dave Henderson's ever unique pieces never fail to disappoint. My plus one was left besotted with a pair of jeans that Dave had designed. I'm a huge fan of both Lisa Mc Cabe and Sean Henry's designs,having modeled both of their work in the past they have a special place in my heart! Nor Lisa's trademark aeroplane print was instantly recognizable to me,the cute ties & bow ties excited both the male and female members of the audience. And VDS designs were as beautiful as ever. I found my self nearly shouting "its Sean's stuff! here comes Seans designs!"

As im sure you can tell,my photographs are pretty rubbish. To be fair,i was taking pictures with my camera in one hand and tweeting in the other hand,all while trying to calm my plus one down over the male models. Then came a great suprise! Two,what we thought were male models walked down the catwalk,and suddenly burst into dance! The duo turned out to be Static Movement,who put on a great show! After the catwalk the thank you's to everyone involved went underway. The Ivory,Jason Shankey male grooming and Our Events NI were just a few of those that made Man time such a success.

Then the after party began,people mingled,drinks flowed and music was blasted from the Ivory's gorgeous balcony. It can only be described as a very successful & very fashionable night out that i would return to in a heartbeat. Luckily Man Time will be back for an Autumn/Winter show. I'm sure it wont disappoint. Huge thankyou to the Our Events NI team for inviting me!

(The clearly much better photographs belong to the fantastic Stephen Potter! )

Have a great week!


  1. Hey hun, Didn't know you were a blogger too?
    Lovely to meet you last nice, even though it was very brief lol!
    Great post! Liked ur facebook page :)
    Nicola (The Sequin Cinderella) xx


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  2. Hey :) I have nominated you for the Kreativ blogger award. Check out my blog for the details :D


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