23 July 2012

Monthy Lustings

£90 from the ragged Priest.
A redic price for something that could easily be made by yourself for a fraction of the price. But the beauty of this jacket is Un-deniable. 

£65 from topshop.

I think i would sell my soul for this jacket. Ive been on the lookout for a leather jacket for ages. I wouldn't even mind just buying a normal one and studding it myself but this one is just out of this world. High waisted denim shorts,ankle boots and this jacket. Even the thought of that outfit excites me beyond belief. 

£45 topshop
How beautiful is this?
I recently bought a pair of black mary jane heels from miss selfridge that would go perfectly with this. If i had somewhere nice to go like a wedding,i would so buy this.

£185 all saints
The dress that dreams are made of. 
Im really loving heavily beaded pieces these days. I got some gorgeous topshop beaded shorts recently for £15 in the sale. they are spectacular. 
Ive been in love with this dress for about a year now,we have a complicated relationship. I love it,and im sure it loves me,but we cant be together. Due to the price. Its so beautiful. It would just hang on my frame. And the back is low,another aspect of it that i adore. 

Star buys of the month...

Beaded topshop shorts £15
Miss selfridge back chain £2
Beaded Miss selfridge hand chain £1

Have a great week!


11 July 2012

There's never been another next to me, That means what you meant to me

Leotard-River island,but bought on ebay for around £7
Heels-Miss selfridge £20

Topshop beaded cuffs in the sale £3

Masquerade mask-some shop in Venice!

Cheetah belt-MUA's own

Dress-Lipsy,bought at vintage mark £15

I don't want to get into the habit of posting about every shoot i do,but this one was really nice,and you might want to know where i got the clothes?! Anyway,my uncle kindly let us use the bar he manages-The Emerald Roadhouse. We used the ball room that had these gorgeous mirrors with fairy lights all around them. I really like how the photos turned out. The photography was by the amazing BigBad Llama & the makeup was by the fantastic Uana Tovar. Summer inst as exciting as it should be,but i'm going to blame the boring-ness of it all on the weather. Hope you are all well and enjoying summer!

Byebye x

6 July 2012

Of all the money that ere I had, I spent it in good company

top- tk maxx & DIY

Ear cuff- oasap.com

Spike earrings- oasap.com


Shirt- Rusty Zip vintage
Dress- topshop £22
boots-river island £65

Boots-river island £65
Denim jacket-DIY

Rings- Topshop&H&M

Hola chickas

Heres some outfits i wore in Cork whilst visiting family. I think these boots are actually the only pair of shoes i ever wear. Addicted to them.

I was sent these gorgeous earrings/earcuff from oasap.com and ive not stopped wearing them. The spike earrings literally go with EVERYTHING. Ive also been slightly obsessed with rings lately. As you can see.

Anyway,short & sweet post with about a zillion pictures. Have a great weekend!

Byebye! <3

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