31 January 2013

Recent shoot-outfit post!

Cream dress by rare,bought in tkmaxx- £17

Black bralet- topshop sale £15
pale pink sequin embellished shorts-topshop sale £25

These are some pictures from a recent shoot I did with the very lovely Paula McManus,i recently bought this black lace bra let from top shop and i laaave it! Ive been looking for one for ages and when i spotted it in the sale i knew it must have been fate. I hope you all have a great weekend,happy Thursday!



18 January 2013

Friday Fashion Faves

Ive about £30 left in my bank due to my inability to stop spending money on shoes/clothes. They are all worth it though,of course. I'd like to introduce you to my new babies. I feel like naming them,I love them that much. They are from office and they retail for £85. You can check em out here!

I plan on wearing them with anything and everything. The heel height is perfect and they are so comfortable. They are just perfect.

I keep dreaming up my summer wardrobe- I'm thinking Levis,kimonos, bustiers, backless summer dresses,cute dungarees,embellished crop tops,an overload rings and endless pairs of ankle boots.

 Heres some friday fashion inspiration-have a good one!


13 January 2013

I belong with you,you belong me with you're my sweetheart

featuring Claudius the cat!

Crop top-DIY
trousers-New look
Watch-Michael Kors

Hey chicas

Happy Sunday to you all. Apologies for the dark pictures,I cant wait for Belfast to brighten up a bit.
This has been my first weekend off work in ages and I enjoyed it very much. I went out with my girls last night and I was behind the wheel for the first time this afternoon. I'll be spending today/tonight chilling with the boy.

My mama got me these trousers a few weeks back,I wasn't sure if i would get much wear out of them but i really liked today outfit. Except for the fact that they are too big and i had to use a hair slide to make them fit!
I hope you are all well and I hope you have a lovely Sunday  Lets hope Belfast gets a bit more peaceful soon,I think everyone's had enough by now.

Ciao bella! x

5 January 2013

Happy new year!

                                         2013 Resolutions

Blog way way way way way way more

start working harder in school ( lolz )

go on holiday and get a mega tan

learn how to drive

work on ra-ra riot

drink more water

do more shoots

eat less cake 

I think i took on too much with not enough time in 2012,trying to balance schoolwork,a job and everything else wasnt easy,so im gonna try to use my time wisely this year,and try not to exhaust myself too much.  I find it really interesting finding out other peoples,so what are your resolutions?

Happy 2013 to you all,make it a good one!
( heres a little preview of a shoot I did yesterday,full blog/outfit(s) post to come!)

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