25 May 2015

No one man should have all that power

Jumpsuit- Zara
Sunglasses- H&M

Happy Monday all,

I'm too in love with this jumpsuit. I picked it up in Zara the day that the Belfast store (finally) reopened. I'm starting to really love flares and jumpsuits,so i'm weaning myself off Joni jeans and crop tops in exchange for key pieces that I can keep forever.
This particular jumpsuit looks fab on and is so easy to just throw on and dash out the door.

I'm also super excited to say that I've teamed up with Target Dry-an outdoor clothing brand from Belfast! I'll be attending Belsonic this summer in my fave Target Dry jacket with live updates & a vlog from the Paloma Faith concert!

I've so many new pieces to share with you so look out for some more summer style posts coming soon.


19 May 2015

Home goals

Built high on a hill above Palm Desert, just 2 hours outside of Los Angeles, is a Moroccan-style riad called Casbah Cove. Not a single detail was missed when constructing the estate as craftsmen from Morocco spent many months carving wood, stone, plaster and brass.

A girl can dream can't she?


17 May 2015

New in X OFFICE shoes

Office "Garland" in Rose Gold.

I couldn't resist. These look so amazing with anything and everything and they will be the perfect staple heel on holiday.


Sunday lustin//news

Happy Sunday!

As you can see I've been accepting into Heriot-Watt university to study fashion communication. The uni is in Edinburgh (obv) and I have no idea what i'm letting myself in for.
I went to Edinburgh once years ago and can't remember it much but I'm told it's beautiful. 
I can't hack hangovers,at all and I have serious attachment issues to my mother,boyf and cat. 
So i'm slightly worried. What's getting me excited though,is looking at what i'm going to buy for my room and of course-my uni wardrobe. 

Here are a few things on my hit list-
Can't live without this. You can buy it here

Of course i'll need a ridiculous amount of motivational prints to get me through it.
Found here

Good old Steve Jobs knows what he's talking about.
Found here

You know how when something happens its a massive deal and you'll never get over it and you'll never stop crying? This one is to remind me that I'll get over it.
Found here

Found Here

Found here

Found here

For when I have to do stuff,
Found here

This is a shower cap. I can't not buy this,
Found here

Ya need a clock dont you?!
Found here

For rings and things
Found here

Have a great week!


10 May 2015

My man made me feel so God damn fine

Top- Topshop

Happy Sunday all!
I couldn't wait to feature this amazing missguided skirt that I bought recently (among many many other things #payday).

I bought it for my upcoming holiday to Portugal t but couldn't resist wearing it out on Friday night with these heels and then to work in my stan smiths!
I'm waiting for even more purchases to arrive but i'm not allowing myself to wear alot of them so I can make an amazing holiday lookbook-depending on my boyfriends patience with my camera.

I'm spending the rest of the day trying to make a portfolio for a uni application and eating my body weight in Ben & Jerrys.

Have a great week!


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