15 November 2016

The Boux Diaries

What a mad few weeks. 
Uni hit my flatmates and I like a tonne of bricks and we're trying to get everything done because the deadlines are creepin up on us like crazy. 
It literally feels like last week when we moved in but it's nearly been three months and Christmas is coming. 

I went to London for the Boux Avenue A/W 16 collection party and had such an amazing time. 
I met some of my fellow student ambassadors and ended up having the best night ever with them. 
I also met Theo Paphitis and became an absolute fan girl.  After way too much champagne and an extensive bar crawl it was the day after and time to get back to the Burgh, I've never been so happy to see my flatmates. (Chloe got me chips to cure my hangover).

Boux kindly sent me a box every month of their beautiful pieces and I'm finally getting around to getting you some decent images of them, courtesy of my flatmate and next big photographer Adele.
Shot in our home showing the last 3 months worth of beautiful lingerie that I'm lucky enough to have.

                                                                                                              The Chloe Set

You can get 20% off all this beautness with the code AOIFEBOUX1 on http://www.bouxavenue.com/


10 October 2016

Secret Edinburgh

Last week I was lucky enough to attend a blogger photo walk with 8MS and Yelp on a mission to discover Edinburgh's secret bars. Starting out at Panda and Sons we were not disappointed. A hidden gem along Queen street Panda & Sons is a beautifully designed speakeasy with a nod to a vintage barber shop. Attention to detail is everything here and the cocktails were divine. The perfect spot for an impressive date!

Next up we arrived at Hoot the Redeemer. This bars location shocked me the most. Slap bang in the middle of hangover street right next door to Bella Italia is a mysterious door that leads you to the most incredible bar. "It’s the 1950s and you are in New Orleans embracing a vintage funfair. There’s a Tarot reader ahead of you, a claw crane machine on your left, and an ice cream parlour on your right with a happy ice cream pot on the sign. No, this isn’t the beginning of a very strange dream – it’s what it’ll feel like walking into Hoot The Redeemer." This is the best description I could give you. Hoot the redeemer literally transports you to a different world. They offer alcoholic ice cream, slushies and a claw machine where you can grab your own random cocktail flavour. Also serving beer, wine and cocktails this place is something else and not easily forgotten.

A photo posted by EdinBlogger (@edinblogger) on

The third bar we ventured to was Secret Arcade, a vodka bar. "A secret is worth sharing and so is our Secret Arcade Bar; a vodka drinker’s paradise, deep in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town, but first you need to know where the Secret Arcade vodka bar is. On Cockburn Street, find the Arcade Haggis and Whiskey Bar, take a wander down the little lane next to it named Jackson’s Close and hey presto you are there. Many treats await those who venture into the Secret Arcade’s welcoming doors, as there are over 100+ vodkas to choose from!" Like the others this bar was up a tiny alleyway and through a dark door, completely hidden away. I'm a vodka girl through and through and the vodka was so good I could've had ten, not sure if that's a good or bad thing but for once I wasn't on the Glenns.

Our final stop was Under the stairs, a bar that is literally under the stairs on Merchant street in beautiful old town Edinburgh. A sophisticated bar and restaurant with good enough atmosphere and comfortable enough sofas to keep you there all night. Stepping off the cobbled streets and the warm and inviting Under the stairs with it's exposed brick and happy to help staff is the perfect way to spend a chilly night in the capital.

 Find the full walk here and enjoy the perfect guide to the hidden side of Edinburgh that's yet to be discovered.

5 October 2016

That girl makes me want to be a better man

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you're all having a decent week so far and aren't too freezing. It's gotten absolutely baltic in Edinburgh since last week and we are refusing to put the heating on because we are poor.
The jacket I'm wearing is from www.highheelssuicide.com and I've wanted it for around 8 months so when my student loan came in that went straight in my basket.
It's not the warmest for Scottish weather but I wont get pneumonia in it if I wear a jumper under it so it's ideal. You can grab it here

As you are all probably aware Missguided.com had a 50% site wide promotion last week and I went into panic buy mode and went mad. No regrets.
I picked up this beautiful chartreuse playsuit for £22.50! You can find it here.
I also bought countless bodysuits cause I'm living in them these days.

I've just gotten a second job so I'm trying to fit uni, blogging and the sesh in between working but hopefully the content will be coming regularly.

Photography by.Adele Russell.


20 September 2016

Does this make me half Scottish?

Shirt- Cancer Research
Trousers- Barnardo's
Boots- Office
Jacket- Missguided 

My love for this country seems to be ever growing. 

I'm not quite sure what it is about Scotland,
It could be how similar it is to Ireland, their love of alcohol, how much sheer craic they have or possibly how patriotic they are.  
It really is a home away from home and Edinburgh is the most beautiful backdrop to live and work in with your best friends. With flower of Scotland being our theme tune.
It's amazing to be able to discover a city like Edinburgh, that's brimming with creatives and has the most amazing events on everyday. 

Ireland is the true love of my life but I'll be wearing a kilt to my graduation. 

Photography by Adele Russell. 


14 September 2016

Everybody gets high sometimes

Trousers- Lavish Alice
Duster Coat- Pretty little thing
Nikes- Office

Happy Wednesday,

Uni has officially started and my flatmates and I have successfully made two 9am classes,which is quite the achievement. Long may it last.
I'm having the time of my life in this flat we are such a little happy family.

This Pretty Little Thing duster is actually the current love of my life. 
I plan on wearing it with anything and everything. 
My best gal Adele is now my new blog photographer which is perfect because she also happens to live with me and is v good with a camera.


9 September 2016

Boux Avenue student ambassador


A Lot had happened since my last post.
I've moved into my new flat with my best gals and I've been having such an amazing few days settling in with them and having stacks of craic.
I've also been announced as one of Boux Avenues student ambassadors!
This means I'll be sharing some beautiful Boux products with you every month as well as a 20% discount code so you can get your own.

Boux Avenue has some of the most stunning lingerie and nightwear and I've been literally living in their pieces for the past few days.
To get 20% off you can use the code AOIFEBOUX1.
Keep an eye out on my instagram where I'll be sharing all of my favourite pieces.



29 August 2016

Honey I'm home

Top- Topshop
Jeans- Depop
Heels- Office

I can't describe how good it feels to be back in the Emerald Isle. 
After way too many hours in an airport I finally made it back in Belfast and I then spent a good 13 hours in bed before being fully recovered. 

I had such an amazing summer and met the most amazing people which I'll post about in future. 
It was so nice to get home and look into my wardrobe. I now have more like 10 items of clothing to wear which makes me happier than you can imagine. 

I'm heading to Cork tomorrow to see my family so I'll hopefully get a few posts done down there.
Then come Saturday I'm back to the Burgh to move into my new flat with my best gals.
Words can't describe my excitement.

See you on the flip side


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