14 April 2016

I’m not quite sure what I expected my week at PLT to be like, maybe a mix between the devil wears Prada and Ugly Betty? The season of the Hills where Lauren and Whitney work for Kelly Cutrone at Peoples Revolution? Regardless of what I expected, it turns out that doing six coffee runs and spending 3 hours a day steaming clothes was not on my itinerary…
I was met on Monday by Leonie Brown, Newcastle native and Prettylittlething marketing executive. PLT is a young company, and its staff just the same, I don’t think I spotted anyone over 30 and because of this the company seems like one of the funnest places you could ever work. 💫 Currently under renovation, the HQ is absolutely massive and is decorated as beautifully as you’d think. The office is LA themed with palm trees, neon signs and an incredible boudoir makeup and styling room next to the photographic studios.🌴💄⚡️
I spent Monday working alongside the marketing team doing a competitor analysis for Sam the senior email executive at PLT. I really enjoy marketing and this gave great insight to what the marketing team really do in industry. This is not your standard office job and its certainly not boring. Every member of the team bounces ideas off each other before implementing any material on the site to make sure it’s the best content possible. Birthday cake was passed around at lunch and by 4pm there was a massive box of crispy kremes up for grabs.  Eating ain’t cheating here. 🍩🍩🍩
On Tuesday I was able to work on sourcing social media content such as making Polyvore boards and finding images for the PLT channels such as Instagram and twitter.
By mid-afternoon I was researching upcoming trends for the new and improved PLT blog (which is beaut btw) and typing up reports to go along with it. 💻💻💻
On Wednesday I was working in the studio alongside Talia Lewis, the styling assistant and all round babe. Talia organises all the pieces that need to be shot for the site which is no easy feat considering PLT is a fast fashion site. After getting to know the model, MUA and hair stylist I was put to work at dressing the model and Talia even trusted me enough to make some of the styling decisions. 👗👠✨
I started my #interntakeover on snapchat and documented the whole day in the studio which was as fun as you’d expect and I ended up staying in HQ two hours after I should’ve went home (oops). I enjoyed my day so much on Wednesday that Leonie said I could work in the studio again on Thursday which I was delighted about and I was also able to work on the Snapchat again. I had another fab day with the team and had some good bant with the model Cindy who is an absolute goddess. 😻😻😻
As my week with the company came to an end, to say I’ve had an amazing time is an understatement. The staff all welcomed me as one of their own and made ME tea instead of the other way around. I ate pizza 🍕 every night, lived like a queen 👑 in my hotel and worked in an amazing environment doing what I’m passionate about. 💘


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