20 September 2016

Does this make me half Scottish?

Shirt- Cancer Research
Trousers- Barnardo's
Boots- Office
Jacket- Missguided 

My love for this country seems to be ever growing. 

I'm not quite sure what it is about Scotland,
It could be how similar it is to Ireland, their love of alcohol, how much sheer craic they have or possibly how patriotic they are.  
It really is a home away from home and Edinburgh is the most beautiful backdrop to live and work in with your best friends. With flower of Scotland being our theme tune.
It's amazing to be able to discover a city like Edinburgh, that's brimming with creatives and has the most amazing events on everyday. 

Ireland is the true love of my life but I'll be wearing a kilt to my graduation. 

Photography by Adele Russell. 


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