29 December 2018

Meet me at the carwash


22 December 2018

Charlie Miller Launch Haircare Range!

Happy Saturday! 
I was lucky enough this week to take a trip to my favourite hair salon in Edinburgh, Charlie Miller for a blow dry! I've had a long love affair with CM now so I was over the moon to hear that they now have their very own haircare range! I couldn't be more delighted for the Charlie Miller team they really are much more of a brand than a salon/group of salons, the attention to detail that goes into every customers experience really is fab. The Charlie Miller haircare is range of shampoo and conditioners that embody the luxury feel of the Charlie Miller experience. 

My blow-dry was done by the wonderful Casey and I also had a coffee and a super cute lint chocolate, Charlie Miller really know how to treat their clients! My blow-dry was stunning and my hair looked so shiny! 

The products are sulphate and paraben free and are specifically formulated with Jasmine ExtractOrganic Calendula Flower Extract and Organic Sage Oil to help lock in moisture, soothe a dry and flaking scalp and encourage new hair growth, whilst promoting healthy hair. The launch includes 3 shampoos and 2 conditioners for different hair types/needs and include Volume, Hydrate and also a silver shampoo to keep your blonde locks looking bright!  The range also reveals a refreshing floral fragrance with clean top notes of green tea, orange and lemon combined with soft jasmine, rose and lily, gentle herbs, musk and oakmoss. I was given the Hydrate range to take home and try for myself after my blow-dry and I seriously love the products. I can speak for the Hydrate range when I say I honestly can't believe how shiny it's made my naturally dry and frizzy hair. Sleek is not something that has ever been used to describe my mane but it could possibly be now! 

For Joint Managing Directors and brothers, Jason and Joshua Miller and Jason’s wife and Director, India Miller, the journey is a dream come true: 
We are truly excited to be launching our haircare range. Having worked in the industry and in haircare for more than 35 years we knew what we wanted to create. We are absolutely delighted with the integrity and results of these products. Watch this space; there’s more to come!” 

Congrats to the whole team at Charlie Miller the products are gorgeous! 

You can shop Charlie Millers amazing hair care range here

21 December 2018

Escape hunt Edinburgh

I celebrated my 23rd birthday this past weekend and I was lucky enough to be given the chance to head to Escape Hunt in Edinburgh as part of my celebrations. The girls, Lewis, Max and I all formed a team of 6 and we were, of course called Casa Billz. We arrived at Escape Hunt which is tucked away on Castle Street, you'd barely notice it even though it's bang in the city centre (all part of the experience) and made our way into a gorgeous sitting room. 

We sat at a table and took in the gorgeous surroundings while Grace our host talked us through what was about to happen. None of us had ever done an escape room before and we genuinely had no idea what it was or what we were about to do. With the health and safety talk out the way Grace led us up to our room where we put our phones/bags into a locked box outside our escape room. Before we knew it we were in a medieval style room with a dining table, cups, plates, a bookshelf and different ornaments. I'd explain how we worked things out but it went so fast and we were all so frantic that I can barely remember. We pieced together bits of a map and after some hilariously bad ideas we finally worked out what we needed to do. 

I don't want to give too much away and ruin the surprise for those of you who might be going to Escape Hunt soon but I'll just say things move, fall and change. It really was amazing and we had no idea how in depth it would be. After 56 minutes of (literally) running around, screaming and throwing random objects around the room we did it! With four minutes to spare the door of our room unlocked and Grace was there screaming with us all in victory. When we heard over the tannoy that the ice giants were coming we all grabs swords that were in the room because I think for some reason we thought something was actually coming to fight us. That's a sure fire sign of how much you get into it while you're in the room.

Thanks so much to Grace (who was amazing) and Escape Hunt for having us. It was such a good way to spend my birthday and we loved every second.


18 December 2018

3 ways to wear // check suit

Suit trousers- ASOS
Suit jacket- ASOS

Christmas is in 6 days WHAT!!!!
Actually what is going on how is it that time of year again already. Anyway, Chloe and I headed into town to take some pics of this gorgeous ASOS suit and I thought I'd style it 3 ways to suit the 3 different events that we all have going on throughout December. 
I've styled it for.. 
Look one- shopping/visiting the Christmas markets
Look two- Work night out
Look three- After work drinks


10 December 2018

Missy Empire X Bella Malone #missygirls

pink teddy coat - Missy Empire

6 December 2018


Jacket- Missy Empire
Jumper- Topshop
Jeans- Depop
Boots- Missguided

I am living for puffer jackets at the moment and Missy Empire has delivered with this velvet black number. I’ve been throwing it on over everything and has been saving my life for those early morning uni trips which.. are nearly over!

As of yesterday I’ve almost finished up with uni for this year and I can honestly say I’ve never been so relvied. Adele and I have had a stress few weeks but (hopefully) we’ve pulled it off and we’ll do well. Now all we have to do is recharge in preparation for next year which will be an absolute ball buster probs but we're ready for it!

Photography by Adele Russell

21 November 2018

Chisholm Hunter X Zenith

Well lads! I've officially attended my third ever blogger event in Scotland after my whole 3 years of living here. The first event I attended was when I was in in second year, the second was one week ago at the Walford Astoria at their Guerlain Spa where I met the lovely Decidedly Eve and the third was tonights event at Chisholm Hunter on Princes Street. In-between the spa event and tonights Chisholm Hunter event happened to be a random turn of events wherein the shop I work in (ALC on Thistle Street) had a visit from the wonderful Caoilfhionn from WearWhatWorks and Erika Saccone as part of a uncover Edinburgh campaign. Caolan is originally from Derry so naturally we hit it off and had a fab afternoon with Erika and fellow ALC gal Cat, I photographed the girls trying on some of ALC's gorgeous pieces and got some great content for the ALC instagram

I was invited to this evenings Chisholm Hunter X Zenith event by the lovely Olivia who works on the PR team for The Big Partnership and originally I had asked my best gal Adele to join me because for some reason I've always been nervous going to events in Scotland. If you've met me before this will definitely seem surprisingly but let me explain myself,  back home in Belfast I knew everyone in the our mini fashion world, I knew who was running the events, who was modelling, who the photographers were and who the PR team behind it was. When I moved to Edinburgh and started getting invited to events over here something always held me back because going from knowing everyone to knowing absolutely nobody gave me the fear.  Anyway, I had just finished work when Adele texted me to say she was exhausted after shooting a campaign in Glasgow all day so I decided to put my big girl boots on and drop into the event all by my lonesome. I assumed I'd do a lap of the room, have a quick drink and get some nice shots before jumping on the bus home, but this was not the case. 

The gorgeous Olivia greeted me at the door and I was instantly put at ease by how warm she was, the glass of prosecco she handed me no doubt helped with my nerves and we headed upstairs, low and behold there was Caoilfhionn!

I spent the rest of the evening catching up with Caoilfhionn, meeting other bloggers like Hannah Robinson and Karolina Korthals while drinking glasses (and glasses) of prosecco & blood orange caviar! We were even treated to a speech by CEO of Zenith Julien Tornare who spoke with some serious passion about the company and the history behind it. The watches are absolutely stunning as you'd expect and we were promised by Tornare himself that there are even more amazing things to come for the Zenith brand next year.


18 November 2018


Jumpsuit- Missyempire
Belt- Ebay
Boots- Missguided
Jacket- Vintage

Photography by Adele Russell


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