21 November 2018

Chisholm Hunter X Zenith

Well lads! I've officially attended my third ever blogger event in Scotland after my whole 3 years of living here. The first event I attended was when I was in in second year, the second was one week ago at the Walford Astoria at their Guerlain Spa where I met the lovely Decidedly Eve and the third was tonights event at Chisholm Hunter on Princes Street. In-between the spa event and tonights Chisholm Hunter event happened to be a random turn of events wherein the shop I work in (ALC on Thistle Street) had a visit from the wonderful Caoilfhionn from WearWhatWorks and Erika Saccone as part of a uncover Edinburgh campaign. Caolan is originally from Derry so naturally we hit it off and had a fab afternoon with Erika and fellow ALC gal Cat, I photographed the girls trying on some of ALC's gorgeous pieces and got some great content for the ALC instagram

I was invited to this evenings Chisholm Hunter X Zenith event by the lovely Olivia who works on the PR team for The Big Partnership and originally I had asked my best gal Adele to join me because for some reason I've always been nervous going to events in Scotland. If you've met me before this will definitely seem surprisingly but let me explain myself,  back home in Belfast I knew everyone in the our mini fashion world, I knew who was running the events, who was modelling, who the photographers were and who the PR team behind it was. When I moved to Edinburgh and started getting invited to events over here something always held me back because going from knowing everyone to knowing absolutely nobody gave me the fear.  Anyway, I had just finished work when Adele texted me to say she was exhausted after shooting a campaign in Glasgow all day so I decided to put my big girl boots on and drop into the event all by my lonesome. I assumed I'd do a lap of the room, have a quick drink and get some nice shots before jumping on the bus home, but this was not the case. 

The gorgeous Olivia greeted me at the door and I was instantly put at ease by how warm she was, the glass of prosecco she handed me no doubt helped with my nerves and we headed upstairs, low and behold there was Caoilfhionn!

I spent the rest of the evening catching up with Caoilfhionn, meeting other bloggers like Hannah Robinson and Karolina Korthals while drinking glasses (and glasses) of prosecco & blood orange caviar! We were even treated to a speech by CEO of Zenith Julien Tornare who spoke with some serious passion about the company and the history behind it. The watches are absolutely stunning as you'd expect and we were promised by Tornare himself that there are even more amazing things to come for the Zenith brand next year.


18 November 2018


Jumpsuit- Missyempire
Belt- Ebay
Boots- Missguided
Jacket- Vintage

Photography by Adele Russell


15 November 2018

Warehouse* Winter lust list with

Happy Thursday all!

Christmas is approaching and I can't believe how fast the time is going. With the stress of uni I've barely had a minute to think about Christmas gifts and more importantly, what to wear over party season! I've decided to take a time out from uni work for a hot minute to get inspired for party season and to plan my going out clothes. For the longest time now I've been living in mom jeans, oversized jumpsuits and trainers so Christmas is such a good excuse to get glammed up and be as extra as possible. I've been searching the internet for my fave party wear pieces and Warehouse has come up trumps with their A/W pieces this year!

Warehouse is one of my all time favourite shops for effortlessly stylish statement pieces and their A/W 18 collection is no exception. For my birthday this year I've decided to have a black tie theme, Warehouse has so many perfect options for my birthday outfit and now I'm torn between going for a full length sequin dress or a trouser suit and black bodysuit like the one below. 

This bodysuit is so gorgeous and it would be so killer under this AMAZING tuxedo, pair with a red lip and slicked back hair and this could be the perfect Christmas get up. I'm so tempted with this one for my birthday. 

However there is a part of me that thinks because I live in baggy clothes and flats I should go all out with a sequin number and heels. Christmas season is all about being as glam as possible, so no matter what I decide to wear for my birthday the dresses below are absolutely going straight onto my Christmas list, perfect for nights out with my best gals and Christmas/boxing day fun with the family.

I hope all your Christmas planning is going slightly better than mine, there's not enough time in the day at the moment!! & that you found some party wear inspiration from this post!

- This was a collaborative post but all writing/opinions are my own

12 November 2018



1 November 2018


Top- Topshop
Jacket-  Topshop
Trousers- Topshop
Shoes- Sisters & Seekers
Bag-  Topshop

Lucky white rabbits my friends!
It's the first of the month and somehow it's November already. Deadlines are already upon me and I'd be lying if I were saying I wasn't stressed. I feel like in fourth year you can't let yourself enjoy something for any decent amount of time before uni fear gets into your head. Which is why I'm trying to make the most of any free time I have by working on my laptop while Lewis drives us somewhere or anytime I'm on the train. 

I'm currently heading back to Edinburgh from Glasgow to go to work and then I'm off all weekend so I plan on finally doing some serious uni work and clearing out/tidying my wardrobe because it's shocking as always. 

Have a good one! 


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