26 December 2019

Christmas 19

Trousers- Topshop
Heels- Office 
Murrie Cwispmas!!! My present to you is a few too many pics of my Christmas day outfit. I still have one suitcase back in Scotland and in true Aoife style I've left all of my favourite things in that case so I had to improvise when it came to finding something to wear. These heels are from a scarily long time ago and I feel like a different Aoife used to wear them but needs must!

27 November 2019

I'm moving to NYC!

Jumper - Shop here
Coat - Shop here
Skirt - Shop here
Bag - Shop here

Well well well it's been a while!! To say alot has happened would be an understatement. My last post was at the end of October and since thing I've started working with Topshop (sorry WHAT) and I've been offered a job in New York. Plz hit rewind. 

So the Topshop thing is massive, to me anyway. Daniel, Caoilfhionn (wearwhatworks) Caoilfhionn Rose and I were all emailed asking if we would like to collab with Topshop and obviously all nearly died with excitement. So basically the craic is that I'll be posting my fave Topshop pieces from the Edinburgh store to hopefully give you some style inspiration. This is hugely exciting and I feel so so lucky to have been asked to work with a brand I've loved for years.

K, onto the next thing. So I never really had any plans after uni I assumed I'd stay in Scotland for a while because I really do love it here and I always said I'd move to London if I had to for my career. I've never been a huge fan of London but would do what I needed to do when it comes to my career. After uni hand ins I found out that I was nominated for a styling award at Graduate Fashion Week and I was the only one from my uni up for an award. Please believe me when I say nobody could've been as shocked as I was. I've always had a serious attitude problem when it came to my uni. I spent most of the time fighting with my lecturer/skiving off/finishing hand ins at the last second. (sorry mum) but nonetheless I was up for an award and we were all showing our work so off we went to London for Graduate Fashion Week. Anyway long story short I ended up winning the award which was absolutely coco loco insano but obviously so so exciting and my mum was delighted which is all I really care about to be honest.

After winning that award and after following bloggers like TarMar and Retroflame I just took the notion that I wanted to move to New York. I've no idea why winning the award sent me onto wanting to move to New York but I guess I just thought if I can win that award I can move to NYC. After plenty of research I worked out that I was eligible for the J1 Intern Visa which is an Irish visa. The conditions of the J1 Intern Visa were that I would have to find a company in a field similar to my degree to say they would take me on as an intern, for exactly 12 months, and pay me (because I don't come from coin and deffo couldn't work unpaid for a year). Let me tell you, finding a company that will take you on without meeting you and wait for you during the 2/3 the visa process was tough.

I must've applied for well over 150 fashion and social media internships and reached out to so many individual people and companies on Linkedin and via email mostly to no avail. By this point I had spent months telling people about my plans to hit the big apple and it seemed like there wasn't a hope in hell of it actually coming to be. 

One night I was reading articles on Irish people who were living and working in NYC. I read about a woman called Frances Mulraney who is a journalist and editor and I reached out to her on Linkedin asking if she had any intern positions available or knew of anyone that did. Frances didn't have any positions but she did tell me to reach out to Digital Irish which is a site dedicated to helping Irish students find work in the US. I shot them an email name dropping Frances and I received a message back from Gavin McMahon who was very kind and sent me links to a J1 chat and a job announcements forum. It was on this forum that I found an intern position for a social media administrator at a technology company. 

After 3 video interviews with 3 different people in the company, plenty of praying (woman of god when I want to be) and a million updates to my mother I got the job! As it stands I'll be gone early January and I'm hoping to move to Brooklyn. I don't think it's fully sunk in yet but I'm not one to think about things too much so I'll cross the bridge when it and see what next year has in store.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk!

21 October 2019 / Edinburgh, UK

Market Street Hotel Launch

Market Street Hotel Launch Night Blog Post By Aoife Malone
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Market Street Hotel Launch Night Blog Post By Aoife Malone
Last Thursday saw over 250 people attend the launch of Market Street Hotel and Nor Loft - Edinburghs newest boutique hotel. Market Street Hotel boasts 98 beautiful rooms, each taking in unique views of Old Town, and a rooftop bar that already seems to be the latest Edi hotspot.
Market Street Hotel Launch Night Blog Post By Aoife Malone

Market Street Hotel Launch Night Blog Post By Aoife Malone
 I was invited along to the launch and was very very kindly given a room so I could fully enjoy the launch party. I was so excited to get to the hotel after work on Thursday that I got an Uber even though it was a 15 minute walk (I hate myself). Upon arriving I saw the lovely team at Stripe who were the PR team heading up the event, they gave me my room key and I headed upstairs. As you can see from the images the room was a beauty and had the most incredible views I've ever seen from a hotel anywhere. 

I jumped in the shower, wrapped myself in the hotel dressing gown and opened a beer from the (fully complimentary) mini bar. It's safe to say I didn't want to move from my bed but after eating my second tea cake and drinking my third beer it was time to get ready.
Market Street Hotel Launch Night Blog Post By Aoife Malone
Something that I found way too exciting was that in the hotel room was a hairdryer, a diffuser and a pair of GHDs?! What! Too glam, absolutely loved it. 

I got ready in record time when I realised Daniel was already downstairs.
I wore a mens blazer as a dress with a roll neck under it, a chunky belt and some strappy heels.
Market Street Hotel Launch Night Blog Post By Aoife Malone
As I reached the 7th floor in the lift I could hear the buzz from 3 floors down - I reached Nor Loft where the party itself was happening and before I knew it I had a glass of champagne in my hand and was listening to an amazing choir serenading us all. 

This is where my content from the night grinds to a halt which I think is a sign of a good night. I was enjoying myself too much to be taking pictures but take my word for it it was a goodun. We spent the night drifting between Nor Loft and one of the suites that had a terrace with the most incredible views. I finished the night off by ordering a huge Dominoes and taking myself back to my gorgeous room.
Market Street Hotel Launch Night Blog Post By Aoife Malone
Market Street Hotel Launch Night Blog Post By Aoife Malone
Market Street Hotel Launch Night Blog Post By Aoife Malone
I headed down for breakfast the next day just after 9am and Nor Loft looked even more gorgeous in the morning light than it did the night before. I had eggs on toast and copious amounts of orange juice before I had to head off to start work at 10am. 
A huge thank you to the team at Market Street Hotel and Stripe for an amazing event and for giving me a bed for the night!


16 October 2019

Brows & Co Edinburgh - Fluffy Brows

Brows & Co is Edinburghs number one brow and lash destination at the minute. Just a few minutes walk away from Leiths famous shore you'll find Naz and her beautiful salon. I've known Naz now for three years and I've seen her grow from strength to strength since the day I met her. 

The girls and I used to go to Cascal a hair salon in Leith to have our lashes done by Naz in a room in the salon. Three or four of us would bundle into a small room and one by one get our LVLs done while chatting to Naz about anything and everything.

I went in for my patch test last week and honestly couldn't believe how far Naz has come in such a short space of time. She now owns her own (beautiful) salon and has 4 staff members.

Not only that but she is also about to open up her very own training salon for 'fluffy brows'  which is brow lamination and is Naz' speciality treatment. I dropped into the salon today to have the infamous 'fluffy brows' done and I was not disappointed. The treatment is a new trend in the brow industry and is originally from Russia. It's the best procedure for taming tough and unruly hairs as it sets them in place so every hair lies in the same direction, giving a just-combed effect.

It's just like a keratin treatment for your brows and all of the products used at Brows & Co are all vegan cruelty-free. 
The process involves 4 steps-

1. A consolation about the desired effects you want from your treatment

2. A gentle solution is applied to make the hair straight and flexible, the hair is then brushed upwards so they're all perfectly straight and in one direction.

3. A hydration serum is applied to hydrate the hair. This one is to 'set' the brows and keep them in place.

4. A natural-looking tint is applied, the shade depends on what colour your brows are and Brows & Co have 5 shades to choose from. 

5. Finally, a nourishing oil is applied to complete the process.
Brows & Co are running an amazing competition to win this amazing goodybag for you and your bestie as well as a fluffy brow treatment each! You can check out all the details here.
Image of Edinburgh based blogger Aoife MaloneThe end result of my brows!

14 October 2019

Sesh Hairdressing Leith

I recently went along to Sesh Hairdressing in Leith for an appointment with the senior stylist Ashleigh.  Sesh is an award winning salon specialising in colour using Wella, cutting and bridal work.  The salon was founded in 2004 by head Stylist Simon Hill and the salon; combines the traditional principals of hairdressing with an innovative, directional edge.

The salon is just a stones throw away from the city's iconic shore so last Tuesday I strolled past the shore to meet Ashleigh. Upon arriving I was greeted by Ashleigh who is an absolute babe and has just returned from Australia after working for a salon there for a few years. 
Ashleigh asked what was after and l I just said I trusted her to do whatever she wanted which is what I say to every hairdresser. I mentioned how I'd love my hair to grow faster but after bleaching my hair no end and using heat on it everyday it's deffo a labour of love. 

Ashleigh started off by shampooing and conditioning my hair then leaving on the System Wella Keratin Mask Lux before applying the Miracle hair treatment by Eleven Australia and blowdrying. After blowdrying my hair into the most beaut waves Ashleigh ran some Lux Oil through my hair to finish off!

Ashleigh made the layers around my face shorter and trimmed off as much hair as she thought necessary and my hair already looks so so much better for it!
The salon is gorgeous and the staff couldn't do enough for you so I highly recommend it!
You can check out the Sesh hairdressing website here and their Instagram here.


9 October 2019

Six by Nico Edinburgh - Cooking New York

Six by Nico Edinburgh
Course 1


Tomato Ketchup / Swiss Cheese / American Mustard
Six by Nico EdinburghCourse 2


Smoked Ham Hough Terrine / Brown Butter Hollandaise / Quail EggSix by Nico EdinburghCourse 3


Cacio e Pepe Agnolotti / Pumkin Seed Pesto / Pickled PumpkinSix by Nico EdinburghCourse 4


Barbecue Leeks / Lemon Gel / Roasted CornSix by Nico EdinburghCourse 5


Smoked Flat Iron Steak / Jerusalem Artichoke / Lovage Emulsion / Brisket CroquetteSix by Nico EdinburghCourse 6


New York Cheesecake / Apple Compote / Roasted Hazelnuts

I was inivted along to try out Six by Nico last Tuesday evening and was absolutely buzzing about it. Six by Nico had opened up in Belfast not too long ago and I heard loads of great things from people back home so I was delighted to be able to try it myself.

The theme for the next 6 weeks is New York and my lovely friend Hannah joined me to see what the NYC menu is all about. It's no secret that I'm a very plain eater. Chicken and potatoes are my favourite foods and when it comes to eating I'm 100% no adventurous. Which means I'm an entertaining date when it comes to high end/creative restaurant. That being said I actually did very well at Six by Nico. I was pretty starving and decided to give everything a try for once in my life. Top picks were the mini burger, the cod, the steak and the cheesecake was UNREAL.

The portions are so small you don't think you'll be full at all but after the fourth course Hannah and I were genuinely struggling but we powered on.
Huge thank you to Six by Nico and Skapa PR for having us!


Malmaison Edinburgh

Soup of the day with artisan bread 
Citrus & pomegranate carpaccio with greek yoghurt, lime & mint syrup
Poached pear, raspberry & almond frangipane tart

I was kindly invited along to Malmaison Edinburgh on Saturday to try out their beautiful restaurant Chez Mal.

I brought along Lucy who I used to live with and don't get to see as often now and she's a proper foodie so I knew she'd enjoy it! The Malmaison Edinburgh is just a stones throw away from my flat in Leith but I was rushing back from a work meeting so I did get a 2 minute Uber there (for my sins).

On arrival we were greeted by our lovely server Sarah Cutler who has only been with Malmaison for a few months but is already a credit to them. Before long Sarah had landed a bottle of rose on our table and we settled in for a long evening of chats and beaut food.

To start Lucy and I both went for the soup of the day with artisan bread which was gorgeous. 
For main I went for the Roast Cumbrian chicken breast with wild mushrooms, young leeks and truffle gnocchi. Lucy opted for the catch of the day with pointed cabbage, broccoli and savoy with lemon dressing.  Where is the image of our mains? In true Aoife style I was too busy chatting god knows what to Lucy and didn't manage to get one. I can confirm that it was beaut though and it was my favourite course.

For desert I went for the poached pear, raspberry & almond frangipane tart and Lucy went for the citrus & pomegranate carpaccio with greek yoghurt, lime & mint syrup.  Apologies for the not too high quality images, I hadn't seen Lucy in a few weeks so we were too busy chatting!


2 October 2019

Yotel Edinburgh Launch

I'm finally getting round to writing up a little post about last weeks Yotel Edinburgh Launch event!
Yotel has just opened on Queen Street in Edinburghs city centre and to celebrate they held a huge launch party last Thursday. 

The usual suspects and I were all invited along for an evening of  DJs, drinks and canap├ęs and I can safely say it was the best event I've ever been to. All the bloggers and I were treated to our very own "cabins" so we could slip upstairs after the party. The rooms were super cute and featured mood lighting,  an extending bed & a rain shower. There were charging points dotted all over the room and the TV was a smart TV so I could hook my phone up to it and play my own music through the speakers. 

I'd go into specifics but to be honest the night flew in because we were enjoying it so much. Caoilfionn, Hannah and I all went on a mission to find a McDonalds so the night ended in my cabin with chicken nuggets, ideal.

A huge thank you to Yotel and Stripe Communications for one of the best nights ever, literally had so much craic with the team!


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