29 January 2019


Bodysuit- Miss Selfridge
Trousers- Miss Selfridge
Jacket- Charity Shop
Coat- PrettyLittleThing
Belts- Charity Shop/eBay
Bag- Charity shop
Watch- ADEXE

Happy Tuesday all!
I hope you're having a great week so far. I've spent this week stressing over uni instead of actually doing anything about it so todays the day that I start getting it done. I shot these amazing images with Adele last week at the cutest bagel shop on Leith walk that looks like something straight out of NYC.   You can find Adeles website here with more of her gorgeous photography. 

With valentines day just around the corner I was treated  by Adexe* with this gorgeous watch. This style is called the grande and looks amazing with every outfit. Normally I'd go for a rose gold or metallic style but in I decided on a classic black one and I'm so glad I did. Adexe have an amazing range of watches and even have a gorgeous gift sets which would be perfect for Valentines day! You can find the ADEXE gift sets here



Jacket - Shein
Top- Charity shop
Trousers- Charity shop
Boots- Primark

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24 January 2019

The Gelly Bar

The Gelly Bar is a super cute and quirky nail salon based at The Shore, the very heart of Leith in Edinburgh on the busy and stylish Salamander Street, a 10 minute walk from my flat luckily for me! 
The owner Leila Monroy is the brains behind the operation, a native of Spain Leila has created a nail empire in bonny Scotland with The Gelly bar and is most definitely a girl boss.  Leilas personality shines through her salon which is decorated perfectly with bubblegum pink tones and art deco features and you won't be short of things to talk about when getting your claws done. Our conversations went from Brexit to Justin Timberlake and hedgehogs- never a dull moment! Leila is also a national educator, at The Gelly Bar the team offer wide range of training where you can become a nail technician too at high standards, please email The Gelly Bar to get more information at info@thegellybar.com 

I popped into The Gelly Bar yesterday afternoon for a gel manicure and a luxury pedicure and I've left feeling like my life is together. I met Leila and Shelby who are both so lovely and I feel like I've known them for years already. I got the most gorgeous star nail art as you can see above and was treated to an amazing pedicure by Shelby 
The Gelly Bar offer different treatments from nails, (AMAZING) pedicures, kids parties, Hen do’s and so much more. You can book with The Gelly Bar here or email them here info@thegellybar.com although I have heard that an app is coming soon to make booking even easier!

8 January 2019


Skirt- Monki
Jacket- Monki
Jumper- Monki
Boots- Primark

I've just woken up for what could be my last ever care free nap before fourth year hits me like a steam train. I'm back to uni on Thursday and will have a stressful few months ahead of me which is sad because I've really enjoyed not hating my life over the last few weeks but hey ho.

I took these pictures today all by myself (proud) because Lewis didn't have time before work and I didn't have any of the girls to ask because I'm in Glasgow at the moment. Pretty happy with how they turned out all things considered! The outfit helped no doubt, it's all Monki and with my black coat over it it's just about weather appropriate. I'm so ready for summer to return so I can get back to wearing my fave things and stop layering up. 

4 January 2019

Jump to it

Jumpsuit- NastyGal
Boots- Nastygal 
Belt- Primark

Happy New Year!

It's 2019 already can someone explain how?! 2018 was 100% the fastest year of my life and a lot happened. I started my final year of uni, moved out of my beloved first student flat and into another one (which is also now beloved) travelled to Venice, Barcelona, Gran Canaria and Ibiza to name a few. I survived my first semester of uni (just about) and felt pretty proud of the work I did. The end of the year was pretty stressful but spending 2 weeks at home helped. 

I worked with more brands than ever. When I look back I really have had a great year with regards to the blog, I started making some serious dolla from it, none of which I've saved but whatever I must've needed it right? & I was contacted by some amazing brands. It's very easy for me to get caught up in comparing myself to similar bloggers to me that seem to be doing way better so it's nice to take a minute and reflect on how far I've come this year.

My goals for 2019 are to make dolla but to put said dolla into my overdraft so I can pay that badboy off ASAP. To create the best content I've ever created and to get back to posting consistently. I'll be so glad to see the back of winter and get back to my favourite time of year, wearing my favourite outfits and shooting in semi decent weather!


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