30 April 2019


The infinity rose gold watch by Nordgreen 

Nordgreen is a fabulous new Scandinavian watch brand and for every watch purchased, you have the unique ability to donate part of that purchase to the cause that means the most to you. Your watch is the start of your story, and it is our hope that together, we can work toward a more sustainable planet.

 Nordgreen donates to one of three NGO’s, and you the customer chooses which you want to donate to with options including health, environment and education. 
inter-changeable straps, allowing customers to mix-and-match their watches to any occasion.

You can check out my watch here as well as all of the other gorgeous options on the Nordgreen site! 


23 April 2019


24 hours in Liverpool

After a boozy staff night out I managed to sleep in for my train to Liverpool, only to book another one and then miss that one too? Mama Malone was not impressed but we had a riot none the less. I decided to wear a lampshade that I hot glued onto a hairband as a hat which probably looked totally ridiculous but no ragrets. 


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