16 October 2019

Brows & Co Edinburgh - Fluffy Brows

Brows & Co is Edinburghs number one brow and lash destination at the minute. Just a few minutes walk away from Leiths famous shore you'll find Naz and her beautiful salon. I've known Naz now for three years and I've seen her grow from strength to strength since the day I met her. 

The girls and I used to go to Cascal a hair salon in Leith to have our lashes done by Naz in a room in the salon. Three or four of us would bundle into a small room and one by one get our LVLs done while chatting to Naz about anything and everything.

I went in for my patch test last week and honestly couldn't believe how far Naz has come in such a short space of time. She now owns her own (beautiful) salon and has 4 staff members.

Not only that but she is also about to open up her very own training salon for 'fluffy brows'  which is brow lamination and is Naz' speciality treatment. I dropped into the salon today to have the infamous 'fluffy brows' done and I was not disappointed. The treatment is a new trend in the brow industry and is originally from Russia. It's the best procedure for taming tough and unruly hairs as it sets them in place so every hair lies in the same direction, giving a just-combed effect.

It's just like a keratin treatment for your brows and all of the products used at Brows & Co are all vegan cruelty-free. 
The process involves 4 steps-

1. A consolation about the desired effects you want from your treatment

2. A gentle solution is applied to make the hair straight and flexible, the hair is then brushed upwards so they're all perfectly straight and in one direction.

3. A hydration serum is applied to hydrate the hair. This one is to 'set' the brows and keep them in place.

4. A natural-looking tint is applied, the shade depends on what colour your brows are and Brows & Co have 5 shades to choose from. 

5. Finally, a nourishing oil is applied to complete the process.
Brows & Co are running an amazing competition to win this amazing goodybag for you and your bestie as well as a fluffy brow treatment each! You can check out all the details here.
Image of Edinburgh based blogger Aoife MaloneThe end result of my brows!


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  3. Brow lamination or eyebrow lamination has quickly become a trend for girls around the world including the girls that come to Its All About Brows Brows.


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